About the promoter and organisations:

The Project Coordinator:


Fundacion Juan de los Toyos is a non-profit private foundation located in Barakaldo (Spain). It was founded in 1996 (under the name of Fordesas) and refounded in 2009 with the name Fundación Juan de los Toyos.

The Foundation main objective is to develop training activities and special in the area of adult education and focused on collectives in risk of social exclusion.

Fundación Juan de los Toyos works in the following areas: social integration of collective in risk of exclusion, social services, employment and entreperenurship.

Besides, the Foundation works in the area of recovery of historical memory, focusing their activities in the young participation in intergenerational activities to know about the past and old times.

Partner Organisations:

  1. Portugal

EAPN Portugal is a network whose main purpose is to fight poverty and social exclusion, and privileges information, training, and research as key areas of action. EAPN Portugal is a national organisation which represents the European Anti-Poverty Network.

Our main aims are established and enhance networking between grassroots organisations, groups or individuals who work towards poverty and social exclusion eradication; research and training in different social areas, contribute to the definition of social action programs and policies; lobby for and with vulnerable groups and promote social integration for those who experience poverty and social exclusion.

  1. Folkuniversitetet, Stiftelsen vid Lundsuniversitet. Sweden

Folkuniversitetet is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education all over Sweden. It is an association of five foundations: the university extensions attached to the Universities of Stockholm, Uppsala, Göteborg, Lund and Umeå.

We have a broad open educational program in a variety of subjects; we also run upper secondary schools, schools in higher vocational education, courses for seniors and training, labour market education and further education and training for working life.

Folkuniversitetet is independent of all political, religious and commercial interests.

International cooperation, pedagogic development, democracy and focus on the individual are central values for us.

  1. INFOART EOOD. Bulgaria

IINFOART Ltd. is a SME founded in 2004 with major scope of work focused on research, consulting, engineering and training in the field of information technology services.

The main areas of specific expertise and competence include. 1-knowledge management: research and development of digital libraries and knowledge repositories and integrated (knowledge, learning and performance) management systems. 2-E-learning/e-training: design and development of e-learning content (e-content) and e-courses and e-books/e-textbooks and innovative e-learning/e-training concepts, methodologies and systems. 3-Publishing services: print publishing and electronic publishing (design and online publishing of e-books, e-catalogues).

  1. POINT EUROPA. United Kingdom

Point Europa is a not-for-profit social enterprise, based in a rural area of Cornwall, SW England. The organisation operates a wide range of community support activities, pan-European volunteer opportunities, training for local jobs and direct support work for disadvantaged people and training development.

We have wide expertise in research and development methodologies, and delivery of innovative training resources, using a range of technologies, and have extensive experience in project management, participant recruitment and pilot training. We have very strong Community links locally, with our Family Service and Education providers and with the Health Sector at a Regional level.

  1. XXI INVESLAN. Spain

INVESLAN is a private research organisation working in the area of economic and social research, specialised in the fields of training and employment. The organisation was created in Bilbao in 2002 with to respond to the challenges of training, employment and socio-labour inclusion through the development of research and development programmes.

Social research is conceived as a means to establish contact with reality in order to get a better knowledge and understanding and also to develop the necessary answers to possible needs/gaps/problems.

During the last years Inveslan was specially active in the development of projects that focus on intergenerational activities and mentoring initiatives.